No doubt that careful consideration of traffic is key to that success for any retail or food & beverage outlets. We believe that with all the attractions built within MotorCity and beyond, all year round traffic generated by both residents and visitors would be certainly assured.

Healthy, planning looks into the future area growth prospects as well. So no matter how you look at it, success factors have been well defined in order to reap the fruits of gains.

Commercial Building 1

Commercial Building 1 comprise of 8 food building units on the ground level and 4 units in the mezzanine level and occupying a total space of 1985M2. There are 4 retail units on the ground level occupying 355M2.

Commercial Building 2

Commercial Building 2 comprise of 5 food and beverage units on the ground level occupying 576M2, while it has 2 retail units occupying 147m2.

Commercial Building 3

Commercial Building 3 comprise of 2 food and beverage units on the ground level and one unit on mezzanine level occupying a total of 628M2, while it has a 5 retail units occupying 335M2 on the ground floor.

Commercial Building 4

Commercial Building 4 comprise of 1 food and beverage unit on the ground floor occupying a 93M2.

Fashionable lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle would be incomplete without satisfying each individual taste. Lifestyle is directly linked to up market retail stores and fine dining.

The Ribbon as a commercial project will insure to offer the Motor City and surrounding areas residents and visitors a taste of what luxury living is all about. The diversity of retail and food beverage outlets will insure to satisfy today’s trend setter’s generation and offer a thrilling experience that will act as a crowd magnet.

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